Vegan Soul Fest 2019

Clifton Park, Baltimore

The 6th Annual Vegan Soul Fest of Baltimore was held back in the beginning of August in Clifton Park. When I heard “vegan”, “crab cakes”, and “dessert” in the same sentence, you know I had to check it out! It was great to see such a massive turnout, and to find not only food vendors but also speakers, music, and other local groups all coming out to support the event. All I can say is that I definitely ate my share of yummy goodness, and I can’t wait to go back next year!


I think veganism and environmentalism go hand in hand, so as always, I try to bring my trusty water bottle, reusable metal container, and bamboo cutlery with me. Vendors were happy to plop my food in my container, and I just used a napkin to wipe out some of the residues & sauces between courses!

I only ate at a handful of the vendors, mainly because I couldn’t stuff anymore, but there were so many delectable options that it was very hard to choose!!! My favorites from the day were the Vegan Chef (Steamed Buns & “Crab” Cakes), Refocused (that Mac & Cheese tho), and How Delish (pumpkin cheesecake!).

Thanks for coming with me to Vegan Fest, if you have any questions let me know, and if you have any vegan food recommendations for Baltimore or the surrounding area, please leave them in the comments below!


Shot Locations: Clifton Park, Baltimore

Gear: circa 2010 Casio Exilim EX-S12 point & shoot