US Open for Labor Day

Serena Williams

Hello Photo Fans,

So this is a little delayed, but back on Labor Day my lovely Aunt Susan & I went to the US Open!  What an amazing experience, my aunt has been before but this was my first time going and it did not disappoint!  This post will be about the day session... stay tuned for our surprise night session experience!  

Auntie and I took the train down and enjoyed bouncing in-between the various small courts & practice courts for most of the day.  Most of the matches we saw were men's doubles (the volleying was beyond amazing) but we also managed to catch some junior boys singles and even to see some major players in their practice sessions.  Not to name drop... but we made it to see Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Andy Murray, Sam Stosur, and my personal fav, Novak Djokovic!!! Here are some shots from the practice courts, and my try at taking some action pictures!   

Sam Stosur

Andy Murray

Novak Djokovic

More Novak Djokovic

A big perk of being at the US Open in person is getting to see some of the juniors matches on the smaller, less crowded courts.  We managed to catch the end of a Tommy Paul match and were very happy we did, take our word for it, you'll be seeing this kid in the regular line-up soon, he played very well and ended up going all the way to the final.  You heard it here first, check out Tommy Paul. 

Tommy Paul

Tune in for the second half of this post about our Night Session experience, it was definitely a surprise!  

Selfie after the Donald Young doubles match in the Grandstand ... great play even if it wasn't his day! 

Thanks for reading and please leave any comments or notes below!  

~ Victoria

Date & Location: Monday, 7 Sept 2015 - USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, Flushing, NY 

Photos taken with: Nikon D5300 & Nikon 18-140 DX Lens / iPhone 5

Photo credits:  Myself