Fun at Barcade (Chelsea, NYC)

The classic face that started a million road crossings 

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Sometimes getting out of the photographic box can be fun!  I recently went into New York with some friends to check out Barcade down on W24th (It's a very cool place to go and have a fun evening, I definitely recommend it if you like old games). I brought my Nikon and my little 35mm, f1.8 prime lens and was planning on taking some pictures of friends with the interesting backlighting of classic video games.  

I started out getting distracted by some fun signs, and old games I had never even heard of! 

Can he catch the three little piggies?

Definitely one of the funnier signs, if not a bit odd

Cobra to the face, sorry Bart! 

I finally started to take some pictures of my friends.... but I realized I had the shutter speed set too slow after focusing on such bright lights in the signs, so I dropped the shot to fix the setting.  I had planned on getting a nice picture of Bart, but after checking, I realized I managed to put a cobra on his face!  After seeing that, I thought I might have a go at making light trails out of some of the classic game signs.  

I hope you enjoy some of the experiments I came up with! 

Hologram, acting like a flamenco dancer's skirt

Racing champ, right here folks! 

Don't worry, I did manage to actually take some pictures of people, and play games of course!  Jake had a great reaction to winning!  He came away king of the Pac-Man table, but we got him back later!

Atari swirls, even the leaderboard screens are fun to swirl around!

King of Pac-Man

Classic table Pac-Man

A new take on Pac-Man.  I call it Pac-Frenzy

Thanks for coming on a mini-adventure with me into the fun land of Barcade.  I hope this inspires you to go out and try some light painting yourself, or at least to check out Barcade! 

~ V


Date & Location: Sunday, 22 Nov 2015 - Barcade, 148 W 24th St, NYC, NY

Photos taken with: Nikon D5300 & Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX Lens 

Photo credits:  Myself


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