New Whitney Museum (NYC, USA)

The new Whitney Museum building by Renzo Piano, Southwest corner

I recently had the pleasure of exploring the new Whitney Museum with my friend Gorgi.  The imposing yet beautiful home of American Art, designed by Renzo Piano, was my main reason for wanting to explore (I'll admit most modern art isn't really my thing), but the collection held some hidden gems that definitely piqued my interest!  I won't spoil the experience by sharing pics of the art, but here are a few shots from around the building, inside and out.  

While the view was definitely a perk of visiting the high up outdoor spaces...

View from the terrace on the 7th / 8th Floors - looking North

The terraces also held some art of their own: 

These L's were a lot of fun

And had some spots that inspired a fun shot of Gorgi

Gorgi the starfish...

In thanks for being such a fun model I let Gorgi play with my camera for a bit... and he came out with my favorite shot from the museum!  That solo chaise is seriously a good spot!

Casual Saturday Chillin'

Sadly time sped up while we were having fun, and our stomachs had to reminded us that we needed some lunch.  Here is one last shot from the way out as we headed down to Chinatown for some dim sum.  That is one striking entrance.  

Entrance line on our way out.  Gorgi admiring one last look at Piano's work.  

I hope you enjoyed this look at the new Whitney Museum, check back for more adventures in NYC & elsewhere! 


Date & Location: Saturday, 19 Sept 2015 - New Whitney Museum, Manhattan, NYC

Photos taken with: Nikon D5300 & Nikon 18-140 DX Lens

Photo credits:  Myself (photos #1-4 & #6) & my friend Gorgi for photo #5