New Site Feature: Victineraries

I have loved traveling since my parents brought me on my first plane at 4-months old. Over the years, the travel bug has only grown.  A great part of traveling for essentially my entire life has been that I have come to love planning trips, almost as much as I love going on them. 

From watching the latest Rick Steves episode on a certain location in Europe, to making extremely detailed (some would say overly so) google drive folders full of museum and restaurant info, maps, and even my own mini-guides that I can print out to bring with me, having all of the info is definitely my way to travel. Some would say this takes out some of the spontaneity of exploring, but I would counter that by saying I'd rather have all of the info and use none of it over getting stranded and finding out I need it the hard way. I've had many a wonderful adventure where all I had was my camera and a local recommendation.  But I've also found really cool things through sites like 500px, on Instagram, and on other travel blogs that I wouldn't have even known existed and that really made an impression on an entire trip. 

So what does all of this have to do with my travel and photo blog you may ask? Don't I already share where I go in my regular blog posts? Yes, the reason for the Victinerary is to share the fruits of both my planned and unplanned adventures. But for those locations where I went the extra mile in the planning department, I'll be adding some in-depth guides to the new "Victineraries" section of the site. These will be more of a resource for future travels than a blog post. My first Victinerary post about Florence is live, and I hope if you or a friend are headed that way in the future that you'll keep that page bookmarked! 

Thank you for coming along with me on my photo adventures so far, I hope this new part of the site will better help future travelers as they plan their own trips!